Supernatural Soul

Sidestepper, 2016

Limited edition AA side coloured 7" vinyl
Supernatural Soul / Fuego Que Te Llama

From the album Supernatural Love

Supernatural Soul is a feel-good tune with hints of gospel, soul, California sunshine and Latin boogaloo. It tells of higher planes, spiritual paths and love that comes around, and around, and around ...

Fuego Que Te Llama is an exhortation to light your internal fire, with Eka's sensational voice responding to the insistent call of the chorus over hand drums, kalimba and a big bass synth.

Sidestepper are acknowledged as original progenitors of electro-cumbia, and the lovingly crafted album Supernatural Love marks a new chapter in their story. Befitting their reputation as innovators, it's organic, potent, rhythmic, and irresistibly danceable - replacing electro beats with hand drums and traditional shakers, sticks and flutes. Supernatural Love feels solid and rooted, strong and groovy, timeless and fluid.