The Truth (Ny Marina)

Justin Vali Trio, 1995

This unusual acoustic trio merges island roots with shades of urban life. A new, intricate vocabulary for traditional instruments.

"Traditional yes, and acoustic, but also innovative in Vali's singing, fingernail technique, producing a celebratory sound and a gutful of unexpected rhythms." Top


  • This is music which is capable of changing the world. If everyone woke up every morning to the sounds of the Justin Vali Trio, sadness and pain would be inconceivable and we would all live in a better, happier place. 6 March 1995 Smh The Guide (Austrailia)
  • ...nigh on perfect summer fare...some of the bass notes are awesome... Time Out (1995) (UK)
  • almost manically exuberant and joyful album...Virtuoso playing and hearty vocal harmonies with a light carnival feel. May/June 1995 Insight (UK)
  • ...another fine example of the beautiful music made by Madagascan artists. May 1995 Rock ‘n’ Reel (UK)
  • A gem. Vibe (1995) (UK)
  • ...a pure delight. Traditional yes, and acoustic, but also innovative in Vali’s singing, fingernail technique, producing a celebratory sound, and a gutful of unexpected rhythms. Top (1995) (UK)
  • Recall Hendrix’s ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ and you’ll have some idea of how Vali has reinterpreted this previously restrained , sacred stringed instrument. March 1995 Vox (UK)
  • What a rare and precious find ‘Ny Marina’ is!...This is genius...Totally original and totally accessible. 28 March 1995 The Drum Media (Australia)
  • music that should not be left to people of Madagascar alone to enjoy. 22 March 1995 Green Left (Australia)
  • Right from the very first track, you cannot fail to be drawn into the dazzling array of rhythms and textures...beautifully produced, ‘The Truth’ retains an intimacy and spontaneity that is rarely captured in the recording of acoustic performances. Highly recommended. 24 February 1995 Hull Daily Mail (UK)
  • An absolutely storming album, searing out of Madagascar with real passion. 16 February 1995 Herts And Essex (UK)
  • ..Vali plucks it [the valiha] like a guitar in a way which gives this exceptional album a bright and universally appealing feel. 3-16 February 1995 The Big Issue (Scotland UK)
  • A treasure trove. February 1995 Rouge (USA)
  • If you’ve been enchanted by the sweeter side of Malagasy music, this one comes very highly recommended. Folk Roots (1995)
  • Shimmering Madagascan folk music...highly listenable. The Observer (1995) (UK)