Big Blue Ball

Big Blue Ball
[quote=Peter Gabriel, producer and performer]One week in the middle of summer this craziness exploded in our Real World Studios. We had… more »


Charlie Musselwhite
On this latest musical excursion, Charlie Musselwhite explores the themes that have always charged the potency of the blues: loneliness,… more »

Delta Hardware

Charlie Musselwhite
Shot through with attitude, the songs on Delta Hardware feel rough-hewn and tough, just as they should for a guy "born in Mississippi … more »

Running Still

Charlie Winston
"My sole objective on the album Running Still was to be able to engage people's feet first and slowly rise to the mind," says Charlie… more »


Charlie Winston
Charlie distills his music to its raw essence, a hearty modern gumbo of blues-folk, straight-talking lyricism, and soul, all laced with… more »

Stereo Spirit

Daby Touré
Between the rain-swept streets of Paris and the swirling sands of the Sahara, there lies a voice that is neither and both of these… more »


Daby Touré
Daby Touré's first album for Real World. The songs on the album tell of Daby's life, of the people around him and of the world in… more »

Call My Name

Daby Touré and Skip McDonald
As soon as they met, they knew each other. Daby Toure: a thirty-something musician raised in Mauritania, West Africa, currently a leading… more »

Neguinha Te Amo

Though this may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with Brazil's music scene, Daude is a rare find: a Black woman in Brazil's eclectic… more »

Sleepwalking Through The Mekong

Dengue Fever
Sleepwalking Through the Mekong follows Dengue Fever on their recent journey to Cambodia to perform 60s and 70s Cambodian rock 'n' roll in… more »

Venus On Earth

Dengue Fever
The eagerly-awaited album from the Los Angeles indie-rockers who have made it their mission to revive psychedelic, Khmer rock and roll of… more »

Black Rock

Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook
With these recordings, Djivan Gasparyan and Michael Brook have fashioned a unique musical hybrid. The duduk is prominently featured, as… more »

The Wild Field

Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble
This is an album of peasant songs from southern Russia, specific to an area known as "the wild field" because it has no natural barriers… more »


Doudou N'Diaye Rose
Legendary master drummer of Senegal, a one-man repository of all that's old and new in Senegalese drum-lore. Composer and producer of… more »

Live at Real World

Drummers of Burundi
Through the darkness a low rumble intensifies from the back of the stage. Gradually a series of swaying figures glide into view, huge… more »

A Town Called Addis

Dub Colossus
This project brings together an extraordinary but little known African musical heritage, a labour of love recording in a makeshift studio… more »

Dub Colossus EP

Dub Colossus
The first taste of an extraordinary collaboration between contemporary Ethiopian artists and Dubulah (aka Nick Page), bringing hidden gems… more »

Addis Through The Looking Glass

Dub Colossus
The aim, says Nick Page, the musician and producer best-known as Dubulah (also a founding member of Transglobal Underground and Syriana),… more »

Return To Addis

Dub Colossus
The EP, 'Return To Addis', features all unheard material: two new tracks and two remixes from the album 'A Town Called Addis'. 1. Black… more »

Dub Me Tender

Dub Colossus
Following the critical success of Dub Colossus' second album, "Addis Through the Looking Glass" (March 2011), and two fantastic shows at… more »

Rockers Meet Addis Uptown

Dub Colossus
In 1978 "Uptown Top Ranking", written and performed by Jamaican girl duo Althea & Donna, topped the UK singles chart. "It had a big effect… more »