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23rd Jun 2012, 11:49pm

Shock The Monkey (Quiet Remix)

21st Jul 2012, 7:39pm

Cover me

2nd Oct 2013, 7:38am

DM - Shock The Monkey - Remix

19th Jul 2012, 4:56am


17th Aug 2013, 2:50pm

This Town

14th Feb, 12:45pm

Shock Reggae

27th Dec 2013, 10:26am

Shock the Monkey (Cello remix)

25th Sep 2012, 8:11pm

Mojuba - Cover Me When I Breathe…

24th Jun 2012, 4:58pm

Shock The Monkey Medley 1

24th Apr 2013, 9:19pm

All Good mortals

13th May, 5:15pm

Shock the monkey -Ikarus ReMix

16th Jul 2012, 7:42pm