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Various Artists, 27th Jul 1992

Music At Matt Molloy's (Digital) $8.49 320k MP3 and Apple Lossless.

Track list

Jackie Coleman's / Pigtown (reels) $0.89
Cape Breton Jigs / McGurk's (Jigs) $0.89
Over The Moor To Maggie / Fred Finn's / The Hunter's House (Reels) $0.89
Baile Mhúirne (Ballyvourney) (Song) $0.89
Rolling In The Ryegrass / The Killavil Fancy (Reels) $0.89
Rocking The Cradle / The Twin (Jigs) $0.89
The Kilmovee Jig / The Maid At The Well / The Old Geese On The Bog (Double Jigs) $0.89
Bonny Wood Green (Song) $0.89
Miss Monaghan / Maggie On The Shore (Reels) $0.89
Doctor Gilbert's Reel / Queen Of The May (Reels) $0.89
Tommy Coen's / The Otter's Holt / McFadden's Handsome Daughter (Reels) $0.89
Garrett Barry's/ Miss McLeod (reels) $0.89
Kilkelly (song) $0.89
Sgariúnt Na Gcompanagh (The Parting Of Friends) $0.89
A Set Of Single Jigs Learned From Kevin's Father - John's Grandfather (Jigs) $0.89
Larry Redican's / The High Reel (reels) $0.89
The Boys Of Ballinahinch / The Castle / Miko Russell's (Reels) $0.89
The Scotsman Over The Border / The Tenpenny Bit (Jigs) $0.89
The Millionaire (Song) $0.89
Westport Set Dancers Dancing To The Music Of... $0.89