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Shu-de, 7th Feb 1994

Voices from the Distant Steppe... $8.49 320k MP3 and Apple Lossless.

Track list

Sygyt, Khoomei, Kargyraa (Styles Of Throat-Singing) $0.89
Aian Dudal (Songs Of Devotion And Praise) $0.89
Beezhinden (Coming Back From Beijing) $0.89
Buura $0.89
Durgen Chugaa (Tongue Twisters) $0.89
Throat-Singing And Igil (Untitled) $0.89
Yraazhy Kys (The Singing Girl) $0.89
Shyngyr-Shyngyr $0.89
Baian-Dudai $0.89
Khomus Solo (Jaw's Harp Solo) $0.89
Meen Khemchim (My Kemchik River) $0.89
Opei Yry (A Lullaby) $0.89
Tyva-Uriankhai $0.89
Chashpy-Khem (The River Chashpy) $0.89
Kadarchynyng Yry (The Nomad Song) $0.89
Kham (Shaman Ritual) $0.89