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Various Artists, 6th Jul 1992

A Week in the Real World (Part... £5.99 320k MP3 and Apple Lossless.

Track list

I Want Jesus To Walk With Me Holmes Brothers £0.69
It Sat Duolmma Mu Mari Boine £0.69
Lubanga Geoffrey Oryema £0.69
On the Wing The Grid £0.69
Tang Uru Ayub Ogada £0.69
Omanarzy Rossy £0.69
Picoro La Bottine Souriante £0.69
Hibrido Juan Canizares £0.69
Dodoma Remmy Ongala £0.69
Slow Down The Grid £0.69
Soledad Toto La Momposina £0.69
Mother and Son Trísan £0.69
Variations On Tong Sal Puri (Eastern Exorcism) Samulnori £0.69
Wuming Wuyi (No Name No Meaning) Sola £0.69
The Legend Of The Old Mountain Man The Terem Quartet £0.69