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Speed Caravan, 14th Sep 2009

Electrified, amplified and fuelled by creative fire, the Paris-based quartet charge towards a psychedelic horizon; slaloming through rock, dance, electro, hiphop, world and other music - blazing a trail with raised fists, a hand brake turn and a sharp spray of desert sand...Mehdi Haddab is a virtuoso of the classical oud, that fretless Arabic lute beloved of Middle Eastern orchestras and an instrument with a history stretching back over 5,000 years...Speed Caravan's debut album Kalashnik Love combines tradition and future, ancient and urban, beauty and fury to stun-gunning effect. Laden with special guests and throbbing with raw rock energy it references everyone from The Cure and The Chemical Brothers to Algerian rai and other Arabic influences. The sublime result of several year's worth of incendiary live touring, it is fusion - but not (hurrah!) as we know it.

Kalashnik Love (Digital) £5.99 320k MP3 and Apple Lossless.

Track list

Taq On The Beat £0.69
Kalashnik Love £0.69
Killing An Arab £0.69
Qat Market £0.69
Dubai £0.69
Galvanize £0.69
Erotic Chiftetelli £0.69
Parov Yegar Siroon Var £0.69
Idemo Dalje £0.69
Daddy Lolo £0.69
Hotel Zyannides £0.69
Aissa Wah £0.69
Daddy Lolo Remix (Sidestepper) £0.69
Aissa Wah Remix (Mo DJ) £0.69
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