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Portico Quartet, 16th Nov 2009

12", 180 gram vinyl

As a bonus for vinyl purchasers, the pack contains a voucher to download all the tracks here as 320kbps MP3s. We're also giving you an extra track from the CD version, Shed Song (Improv No 1), which was recorded in the band's home studio at the end of their garden in January 2009. The download also includes the 'Isla' digital booklet.

Side A:

  1. Paper Scissors Stone
  2. The Visitor
  3. Dawn Patrol
  4. Line
Side B:
  1. Life Mask (Interlude)
  2. Clipper
  3. Life Mask
  4. Isla

Isla (Vinyl) $27.99 Includes P&P for United States.
Play Paper Scissors Stone
Play The Visitor
Play Dawn Patrol
Play Line
Play Life Mask (Interlude)
Play Clipper
Play Life Mask
Play Isla