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Peter Gabriel, 18th Mar 1985

Remastered in 2002. An intriguing film score created for a film by Alan Parker. Gabriel utilises both existing material, remixing, editing, and adding to as needed, after stripping away the vocals, and newly recorded pieces. The result is at once both familiar and different, an album with haunting passages that demand a closer listen.

Birdy (2002 Remastered CD) £7.49 With free digital album. Includes P&P for United Kingdom.
Play At Night
Play Floating Dogs
Play Quiet And Alone
Play Close Up
Play Slow Water
Play Dressing The Wound
Play Birdy's Flight
Play Slow Marimbas
Play The Heat
Play Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice
Play Under Lock And Key
Play Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain
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