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Syriana, 1st Jun 2011

Syriana - A Life in Film Vinyl features 4 amazing remixed tracks, 1 new track Ipiros, and 2 tracks from the album.

Side A:

  1. Syriana (S40 remix)
  2. Black Zil (S40 remix)
  3. Ipiros (S40 remix)

Side B:

  1. Gharrib (album version)
  2. Gharrib (eccodek remix)
  3. The Road To Damascus (album version)

These 4 tracks have previously been unreleased and only appear on Syriana - A Life In Film Vinyl.

A Life In Film (Vinyl) $30.99 Includes P&P for United States.
Play Syriana (S40 remix)
Play Black Zil (S40 remix)
Play Ipiros (S40 remix)
Play Gharibb (Stranger)
Play Gharibb (eccodek remix)
Play The Road to Damascus