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Dub Colossus, 6th Feb 2012

Winner of Cross-Cultural Collaboration 2013 - Songlines Music Awards.

Dub Me Tender (Digital - Vol.1 & 2) $8.49 320k MP3 and Apple Lossless.

Track list

Dub In A Time Of Cholera $0.89
Dub Me Tender (Ezana Mix) $0.89
Satta Massagana (Yeka Dub) $0.89
I'm In Dub With A German Film Star $0.89
Falling In Dub Again $0.89
Uptown Top Ranking (Negus Dub) $0.89
Stop In The Name Of Dub $0.89
This Is Not A Dub Song $0.89
Crazy In Dub $0.89
I Dub the Sound of Breaking Glass $0.89
What Time Is Dub? $0.89
Living In The Dub Of The Common People $0.89
It's Friday, I'm In Dub $0.89
Bizzare Dub Triangle $0.89