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Peter Gabriel, 23rd Apr 2012

Following the release of New Blood Live in London DVD (Blu-Ray & 3D) comes Live Blood, a live 2-CD set recorded at the London Hammersmith Apollo on March 23rd 2011.

1) Intruder  1) Digging in the Dirt  
2) Wallflower2) Signal To Noise  
3) The Boy in the Bubble  3) Downside Up  l
4) Après Moi4) Mercy Street  
5) The Drop  5) The Rhythm of the Heat  
6) Washing of the Water  6) Blood of Eden  
7) The Book of Love   7) Red Rain  
8) Darkness  8) Solsbury Hill  
9) The Power of the Heart  9) In Your Eyes  
10) Biko  10) Don't Give Up
11) San Jacinto  11) The Nest That Sailed the Sky

Live Blood (CD) $17.99 With free digital album. Includes P&P for United States.
Play Intruder
Play Wallflower
Play The Boy in the Bubble
Play Apres Moi
Play The Drop
Play Washing Of The Water
Play The Book of Love
Play Darkness
Play The Power Of The Heart
Play Biko
Play San Jacinto
Play Digging In The Dirt
Play Signal To Noise
Play Downside Up (featuring Melanie Gabriel)
Play Mercy Street
Play The Rhythm Of The Heat
Play Blood Of Eden
Play Red Rain
Play Solsbury Hill
Play In Your Eyes
Play Dont Give Up (featuring Ane Brun)
Play The Nest That Sailed The Sky
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