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Portico Quartet, 25th Mar 2013

Released 25th March 2013.

Portico Quartet bring their powerful live performance to record. Drawing on the inspiration of electronica, ambient, classical and dance music, they take their strange, beautiful, cinematic, future music to exciting new vistas. Live/Remix is a double album offering a unique insight into two distinct parts of the band's personality.

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Live / Remix (CD) $18.99 Includes P&P for United States.
Play Window Seat Portico Quartet
Play City Of Glass Portico Quartet
Play Rubidium Portico Quartet
Play Ruins
Play Clipper
Play 4096 Colours Portico Quaret
Play Laker Boo
Play Steepless Ft. Cornelia
Play Dawn Patrol
Play Dawn Patrol Alt Ending
Play Window Seat (Will Ward/Circle Traps Remix)
Play Line (SBTRKT remix)
Play Rubidium (Luke Abbott)
Play Laker Boo (DVA Hi:Emotions)
Play City of Glass (LV Remix)
Play Steepless Ft. Cornelia (Capac remix)
Play 4096 Colours (Kom Om Pax remix)
Play Laker Boo (Luca Lozano Black & White)
Play Steepless Ft. Cornelia (Radio Edit/PQ Remix)