Videos » Spiro - Thought Fox | I Am The Blaze On Every Hill (Live at King's Place)

Spiro captured live at King's Place in London on 28 April 2016 performing two songs from their album 'Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow'. A new collection of the band's work entitled 'Repeater' is available now on LP and download. The album contains tracks, chosen by the band, from their four albums for Real World Records: Pole Star (1997), Lightbox (2009) Kaleidophonica (2012) and Welcome and Joy Welcome Sorrow (2015). Buy 'Repeater' Real World - iTunes - 'Repeater' tracklist: The Sky is a Blue Bowl The Vapourer The Darkling Plains We Will Be Absorbed Shaft Yellow Noise Welcome Joy And Welcome Sorrow The White Hart I Fear You Just as I Fear Ghosts Burning Bridge
27th Oct 2016, 4:11pm
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