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'When I was little, I loved to catch dragonflies beside the river with my best friend Xiao Xiao (Little Little), using a long bamboo stick with a little ball on the end, made from a melted rubber band which could stick onto the dragonfly's body - never its wings. The best time to catch a dragonfly was at sunset when the red sky was reflected in the river. The colour seemed to distract them. I used to take maybe three or four home with me, their wings folded and their heads as clear as crystal between my fingers. But, after trying to train my dragonflies inside my home, I would always release them, outside in the courtyard, aiming their wings in the direction of the river. I like to think of a dragonfly as a tiny image of freedom...' - Guo Yue
13th Aug 2013, 3:28pm
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