Videos » 9Bach - Deryn (Yn dy lai / In your voice version) feat. Peter Gabriel

Purchase/stream Anian: This version of Deryn is part of the Yn dy lai / In your voice project that accompanied the release of 9Bach's third album 'Anian'. The project joins writers, actors, poets and musicians, who were invited to express their own interpretations of a song. The band explained what each song was about and writers were asked to retell the story using the emotion, sentiment, themes, and, sometimes parts of the original story. The aim was for the band to be as inclusive of their non-Welsh speaking audience as possible. This contribution to In your voice was written by Tim Price. The piece is about how a word or a place, or a smell can remind you of someone. How sometimes it feels like the world is trying to communicate with you. Voiced by Peter Gabriel. Other contributors to Yn dy lais / In your voice include Maxine Peake, Rhys Ifans, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Lou Bennett, Aneirin Karadog, Martin Daws, Bonnie Dobson, Siwan Morris and Remy Beasley. The whole project can be found on the second CD of 'Anian' Out Now on Real World Records Read more on the 9Bach website:
29th Jan, 2:31pm
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