Videos » Totó La Momposina, Phil Ramone & Peter Gabriel at Real World Studios

In 1991 Totó La Momposina began recording her seminal album 'La Candela Viva' at Real World Studios with the legendary producer Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin...) at the controls, capturing Totó as she performed live at Real World Studios. In 2015 Totó returned to Real World for the release of her album 'Tambolero' an album that re-imagines the original 'La Candela Viva' album. This video contains original interview material with Phil Ramone, an in-the-studio discussion with Peter Gabriel and some previously unseen footage from the recording session in 1991 as well as showing Totó's return to the studio in 2015 and her memories of those original sessions. Read more about Tambolero - Totó on tour in Europe 2017. Details - Tambolero: - Adios Fulana El Pescador Chi Chi Mani Curura Gallinacito La Sombra Negra Dame La Mano Juancho La Candela Viva Dos de Febrero Malanga La Acabacion Tambolero Totó La Momposina's entire life has been dedicated to representing the music of Colombia's Caribbean coastline. As a singer, dancer and teacher she embodies that fertile place where Colombia's African, Indigenous Indian and Spanish cultures mingle to create a unique musical tradition. Totó is not only its greatest interpreter, but a restless innovator too.
24th Mar 2017, 5:08pm
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