Videos » Ayub Ogada - Wa Winjigo Ero

Performed live in the Wood Room at Real World Studios in 1995, 'Wa Winjigo Ero' is taken from Ayub's only album released on Real World Records, En Mana Kuoyo. En Mana Kuoyo was re-issued on vinyl on 28 July 2017. Order or stream the album now: Since its initial release in 1993, En Mana Kuoyo has become the stuff of world music legend. The album's ten songs present a spacious, acoustic side of African music, one subtly imbued with modern sensibility. The production was ahead of its time in its simplicity, and it made a sharp contrast with the ever more elaborate, technically complex African music productions of its era. Discover more -
13th Jul 2017, 7:55pm
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