Videos » Spiro - Burning Bridge (live at Real World Studios)

“Burning Bridge” is taken from Spiro’s new album “Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow” which is out now on Real World Records - More info → Available now: Real World: iTunes: Amazon: With Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow, the title of a Keats poem, Spiro take you through the "extremes of human experience. It's an album about being alive. Keats' line 'Dancing music, music sad, both together, sane and mad' is pretty much a musical mission statement for us." "Amergin was the bard of an early race of Gauls called the Milesians. It's an invocation they offered when they were about to invade Ireland and were hit by a massive storm, following which the sea became calm."
2nd Apr 2015, 12:08pm
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