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'Ifan' is taken from the new album by 9Bach, entitled 'Anian', out now on Real World Records. ‘Ifan' - trac cyntaf ANIAN - allan rwan ar Real World Records This is a live recording of the song for the S4C programme Stiwdio Gefn (used with permission) Buy ‘Anian' now: Real World: Amazon: iTunes: Lisa from 9Bach gives some insight into the song ‘Ifan’: Ivan is a boy, he leaves his flat as his step dad shouts and his mum cries and walks out in to the snow carrying nothing but a ripped magazine picture of Svetlana. After weeks of living on the street along with other children that were not so nice, he slowly builds a relationship with the wild dogs. He can reach into the bins, and share the rubbish food, and he gets there protection in return. Ivan is happy, Ivan trust the dogs because they don't lie like humans do. Ivan is ok, he feels love… loved… by them. He is in a routine and he feels warmth amidst the freezing cold nights. In the end the authorities capture him, after a few failed attempts because the dogs attacked the officers each time they tried, and place him in an orphanage. He is the saddest he has ever been, he didn't want rescuing. This song is the moment when Ivan and the dogs are separated, the She dog, the head of the pack, the beautiful one… and him are ripped apart, never to see each other again. This song is from the perspective of the third person who is watching this painful separation. It explores the human relationship with other creatures and nature and how far we are now removed from that. A feral child you might call him... but he was feeling love for the first time I heard a play called Ivan and The Dogs by Hattie Naylor and that’s what inspired the song… 'Anian' tracklist: Llyn Du Anian Yr Olaf Ifan Si Hwi Hwi Cyfaddefa Brain Heno Deryn Ambell Hiraeth Breuddwd y Bard
29th Apr 2016, 12:15pm
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