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Film to 'Ipiros (Somo Arco Iris Mix)' filmed and edited by Nico Piazza. All rights to this footage owned by Nico Piazza with special permission given to Real World Records specifically for this project. Download / Stream 'Ipiros Remixes' EP - In the ten years since the release of Syriana's Road To Damascus album the warfare and tragedy that has taken over Syria has affected the futures and histories of the people there, and the instigators of Syriana - Nick 'Dubulah' Page and Bernard O'Neill - have looked on helplessly as the civilian districts they had walked peacefully around when recording some of the original album in Damascus have been ravaged. Sadly, they have also learnt of the deaths of musicians they worked with and members of their families. In response to this and to help the Greek island communities who are dealing directly to help the daily needs of the huge influx of refugees from Syria, the Ipiros EP, which is available on download only, has been put together with 100% of profits from sales going towards International Rescue: Greece and all the musicians giving their work free of charge. Nick, who is half-Greek, the guitarist/bassist of Transglobal Underground and the visionary behind Dub Colossus, is the Greek connection here, and it was he who had the idea for this project.
20th Jun 2017, 12:41pm
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