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'Llyn Du' is taken from the new album by 9Bach, entitled 'Anian', available now on Real World Records. 'Llyn Du' - trac cyntaf ANIAN - allan Ebrill 29 ar Real World Records Buy now: Real World: Amazon: iTunes: Lisa from 9Bach gives some insight into the song 'Llyn Du': Imagine Cwm Idwal lake, or Ogwen lake on a moonlit night. You might come across this deranged and damaged queen under the black shimmering ice cold water: “I am the queen of the black lake, take me, lead me. I am eternally impregnated and rejected, by the Beautiful one. The wind embrace my thighs and the mist caress my breasts My mind... my mind is... distorted... I am trapped... you trapped me here... is this The Voice? Yes this is the voice... I hear you... I embed my ‘hiraeth’ in your neck... you... you who left me here... “ It’s based on the book 'One Moonlit Night' by Caradog Prichard... a novel that had a great affect on me when I was young and still remains my favourite ever Welsh novel. 'Anian' tracklist: Llyn Du Anian Yr Olaf Ifan Si Hwi Hwi Cyfaddefa Brain Heno Deryn Ambell Hiraeth Breuddwd y Bard
15th Apr 2016, 9:57am
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