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9Bach - Anian :: listen / buy: 9Bach play live in London at Cadogan Hall on 8 December, co-headlining with Moulettes 9Bach performing Llyn Du live at Kings Place in London in February 2017. Llyn Du features on the band's third album, Anian, available now on Real World Records. Lisa from 9Bach gives some insight into the song Llyn Du: "Imagine Cwm Idwal lake, or Ogwen lake on a moonlit night. You might come across this deranged and damaged queen under the black shimmering ice cold water: “I am the queen of the black lake, take me, lead me. I am eternally impregnated and rejected, by the Beautiful one. The wind embrace my thighs and the mist caress my breasts My mind... my mind is... distorted... I am trapped... you trapped me here... is this The Voice? Yes this is the voice... I hear you... I embed my ‘hiraeth’ in your neck... you... you who left me here... “ It’s based on the book 'One Moonlit Night' by Caradog Prichard... a novel that had a great affect on me when I was young and still remains my favourite ever Welsh novel." Read More about the Anian album here:
18th Oct 2017, 12:58pm
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