5 Hip Hop and EDM artists who sampled Totó la Momposina

Over the past ten years, the Colombian Queen of Cumbia Totó la Momposina and her recordings have become synonymous with the practice of sampling in hip-hop and electronic dance music. We take a look at five key tracks that have sampled Totó's music.

1. Jay-Z

Blue’s Freestyle/We Family

One of the most acclaimed rappers of all time, Jay-Z, sampled Totó’s song ‘La Verdolaga’ on his most recent album, 4:44. ‘La Verdolaga’ was released on Totó’s very first album, and was re-issued on a vinyl compilation earlier this year called La Verdolaga.

‘Blue’s Freestyle/We Family’ on YouTube

2. Michel Cleis

La Mezcla

Swiss DJ Michel Cleis became the star of the international club scene in 2009 when his track ‘La Mezcla’ became the smash hit of the summer. Sampling ‘El Pescador‘ and ‘Curura’ from Totó’s 1993 album La Candela Viva, ‘La Mezcla’ remains an Ibiza staple almost ten years later.

‘La Mezcla’ on YouTube


3. Timbaland

Indian Flute

American hip-hop producer and rapper Timbaland dominated the pop charts throughout the 2000s with his unmistakable percussion-heavy, minimalist sound, which was the backbone of key albums for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and Missy Elliot. The song ‘Indian Flute’ on his 2003 collaboration with rapper Magoo, Under Construction Part II, contains an uncredited sample of ‘Curura’ from La Candela Viva.

‘Indian Flute’ on YouTube

4. Rich Boy

Get To Poppin’

Alabama-based rapper Rich Boy’s debut self-titled album charted at #3 on the Billboard 200 in 2007, and contains an uncredited sample of Totó’s ‘La Verdolaga’ on the song ‘Get To Poppin’.

‘Get To Poppin’ on YouTube

5. Mario Ochoa

Habla Con La Luna

Mario Ochoa is a Colombian DJ and producer known for his unique House & Tech House music style. His breakthrough hit ‘Habla Con La Luna’ became a huge success in Latin America and Europe, sampling Totó’s 1993 recording of ‘El Pescador‘.

‘Habla Con La Luna’ on YouTube

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Featured Release

  • La Candela Viva

    Totó la Momposina

    Released 09 September 1993

    La Candela Viva was the album that ignited Totó la Momposina’s international career and saw her recognised as a star in her native Colombia. It was partly recorded during the Real World Recording Week of 1991 and partly in 1992 with legendary producer Phil Ramone, and presents three distinct musical styles - Tambores, Sextetos and Gaitas – in a set of inspired performances.

By Oran Mullan

Published on Wed, 05 September 18

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