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Spiro: New Album Confirmed

Spiro: "Dazzling", "magnificent", "intense and minimal", "soulful", "passionate", "breathtakingly moving" - this unique Bristol-based acoustic four-piece are celebrated for the beauty of their... more »
23rd Feb, 10:22am

Society of Sound: February

The Society of Sound release for February comes courtesy of the Chicago archive label the Numero Group and features the music of the Universal Togetherness Band. At the Universal Togetherness... more »
19th Feb

BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

We're really excited and proud that Real World Records artists The Gloaming and 9Bach have both been nominated for awards at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015. Irish/American super-group... more »
12th Feb, 1:46pm

Martyn Bennett 1971-2005

With the recent performance and subsequent TV broadcast of Martyn Bennett's GRIT from the opening ceremony of Celtic Connections 2015, there's been a lot of attention on Martyn and his music in... more »
30th Jan, 6:08pm

Charlie Winston "In Your Hands" 7" vinyl

Congratulations to Charlie Winston on the release of his new album "Curio City" today on AFishant Records - We had a great time working with Charlie on his first two albums Hobo and Running... more »
26th Jan, 5:38pm

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Joseph Arthur - September Baby

12th Dec 2014, 10:16am

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The Gloaming.

WOMAdelaide Festival, Australia more »

The Gloaming.

WOMAD New Zealand Festival 13th-15th March more »


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