Track of the day: ‘Habibi (A clear black line)’ by Loney dear

Swedish singer-songwriter Emil Svanängen, a.k.a Loney dear, has just released a brand new single with a Christmas theme, 'Habibi (A clear black line)'. The song is Loney dear's first new music since the release of his 2017 self-titled album.

‘Habibi’ evokes the spirit of Christmas, whilst looking bleakly at the ways people and nation states treat those from outside their borders who are in need. Of the song, Svanängen says, “Habibi is a symbolic persona for all people seeking refuge in the world. For all people without a home. Merry Christmas Habibi.”


An animated lyric video created by Loney dear has also been released alongside the single.

Loney dear - 'Habibi (A clear black line)' [Lyric Video]


Written by Agnes Fries & Emil Svanängen

these are no good times
and if you knew what it was
no guiding bright star leading you home
some travelled big oceans
in boats with no names
no jimmies to greet you
just filling out forms

and the nights could seem quiet
but the silence can grow. don’t be a stranger
happy new home

one could expect some decency
with the bright stars over the suburbs
merry christmas habibi. happy new home

to the poor and the weak ones
to the happy or drunk
stay calm in the trenches
don’t lose the hopes.
we’ll make you the queen of the town here
we’ll make you some room
to make your feel home

and one could expect some dignity
and could forget what they’ve said
you talked me down from the roof tonight
merry christmas habibi.
i love you so

Further Listening

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    Loney dear

    Released 27 September 2017

    On his seventh album and first for Real World, Loney dear's Emil Svanängen has undergone something of a rebirth, and a profound artistic awakening. He sees this collection of songs as the beginning of something very new and very potent.

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Main image: Emil Svanängen, a.k.a. Loney dear. Photo credit: Daniel Grizelj.

Published on Fri, 11 December 20

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