Track of the day: ‘Steal’ by Bob Holroyd. Remixed by Luca Bacchetti

Originally released as part of the Mangled Pianos single last summer, ‘Steal’ has been reworked by Luca Bacchetti across two new remixes and is available from today on Real World X.

‘Steal’ is a melancholic dance for what might have been. Written during the lockdowns of 2020, Holroyd needed a burst of energy, but lacked the outlet. Creating the track ‘Steal’ was a way of trying to capture the euphoria of a much-missed live gigs. “I had various gigs lined up in New York, Philadelphia, Reykjavik, and in the UK which took a lot of time, effort and expense to organise, and these I felt were ‘stolen’ from me by the pandemic,” he says.

Luca Bacchetti who has done two great remixes of ‘Steal’. which reflect the feeling of the times very well as well as complimenting and reimagining the original track. Bob Holroyd

The last year has also seen Holroyd forge positive new relationships with other artists who were in a similar situation to his own. One of those connections is with Italian DJ and producer Luca Bacchetti who provides two contrasting remixes of ‘Steal’ on this new release on Real World X.


By Online Editor

Published on Fri, 18 March 22

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