9Bach announces acoustic EP ‘Noeth’, shares ‘Llyn Du’

9Bach have announced a new EP, Noeth, comprising four acoustic versions of songs from their albums Tincian and Anian. They have also announced details of a forthcoming project supported by the PRS For Music New Music Bienniel fund and news of a re-issue of their eponymous debut album.

Noeth will be available digitally to download and stream on 26 April, with the first track, ‘Llyn Du’, available from today.

The re-issue of the band’s debut album 9Bach will follow in June, which upon its release in 2009 received four-star reviews from the likes of The Guardian and Uncut Magazine. Unavailable to purchase for many years, 9Bach consists of Welsh folk songs encompassing such timeless topics as death, heartache and lost love, with musical arrangements completely different from how they had been approached before. Slowing them down and letting the pain in the songs come through the music, Welsh-language vocalist Lisa Jên and guitarist Martin Hoyland created a unique re-imagining of these folk songs and, in so doing, conceived the musical bedrock that would become 9Bach’s distinctive sound.

In July 9Bach will perform as part of the PRS Foundation’s New Music Biennial. The band have been commissioned to create a genre-defying piece that will explore miscommunication and misinformation in a bilingual, multimedia age. The piece will be a collaboration between the band and acclaimed drummer Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack, Jeff Beck, amongst others) who will add an electronic slant to the band’s distinctive and evocative sound. The composition will contain words sung in the Welsh language by Lisa Jên, with actor Maxine Peake voicing a spoken word piece in English, which will be an interpretation or feel of the Welsh lyric’s meaning.

The Welsh performance will take place as part of Focus Wales, on 16thMay at St. Giles Church, Wrexham. The London performance has been confirmed as 9pm-10pm on Saturday 6th July in the Purcell Rooms. It will run as a performance of the 15-minute piece, and Q&A, and be repeated by a further performance straight after. The Hull performance will be the same format. No specific date time or venue yet, but it will take place over July 12-14 as part of Absolutely Cultured, Hull City of Culture legacy.

Stream/Download ‘Llyn Du’ now

Featured release

  • Noeth


    Released 25 April 2019

    Noeth is an acoustic four track EP performed Lisa Jên and Martin Hoyland. Songs from Tincian and the following album, Anian, are stripped back to their most ethereal and beautiful form.

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Published on Fri, 15 February 19

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