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I Could Read The Sky Tour

Real World artist and Afro Celt vocalist Iarla O Lioniard is set to join writer Tim O'Grady and a host of brilliant Irish musicians in theatres around the UK. Their show on Saturday 22 January in London will be the last ever musical performance at the popular venue of the Union Chapel in Islington.
In a recent interview Tim O'Grady describes the show:
"It's not a play," he stated firmly, his accent wavering between Irish and American - using "toon" for "tune".

"It's about an old man who migrated to England from Ireland.

"The character is a musician and what he's doing is remembering, so the tunes that are played are part of that and remind him of what he's left behind and what he is.

"I will be reading from the text, some musicians will be playing and we will project images onto the stage - some of Steve Pyke's photographs and also some images from a film which was made of the book.

"There will be guitar, accordion and violin, and singers who alternate different performances between songs and pieces of the book, with projection going on all the time.

"It's a performance of the book but not like a book - but it suits because of the way the book is written in that each of the incidents are more or less self-contained."

To me, the book appeared to be almost like a biography with its first-hand narrative, but Timothy assured me it's a work of fiction.

"I was actually born and raised in Chicago, and I then went to live in Donegal when I finished university. Then I moved to London but I was in Ireland a lot over a 20-year period.

"The book came about because my publisher was speaking to Steve about doing a book of his photos and he asked me if I would write some text to accompany it. And over a long period of time, it transformed into a novel."

Vocalist Iarla O'Lionaird (pronounced Earla O Leonard), who had been photographed for the book, then sang at its launch in Dublin, accompanied by musicians, which planted a new idea in Timothy's head.

"It was such a different experience and seemed to send the words out much better. So we rented the Shepherd's Bush Empire to perform it. It was a crazy idea at the time, but now, here we are."

The performances will also feature Karen Casey on vocals, Martin Hayes on violin, Dennis Cahill on guitar and Mairtin O'Connor on accordion. Full details of the show are on our tour section.

The original book by Tim O Grady and Steve Pyke and the CD of the soundtrack to the subsequent film are both available at the WOMAD Shop.

Published 21st Jan 2005, 11:08am »

New Live Daby Touré Videos to Download

We have two new live videos of Daby Touré for you to download. One filmed here at Real World Studios and one filmed in Paris at the end of 2004. Both tracks are taken from his album Diam.

Also still available is Kia A So, an exclusive new track not from the album, which is available to download for free in a high bit rate MP3 format.

Published 20th Jan 2005, 3:32pm »

Atom Bomb Launches in March!

The new Blind Boys studio album 'Atom Bomb' is now ready to launch and will hit the streets on March 14th (Europe)or March 15th (USA)!
With gospel still at it's core, the new recording makes forays into the pop world with a wildly infectious version of the Fatboy Slim/Macy Gray song 'Demons' featuring rapper Gift of Gab from Blackalicious and a boogie version of Norman Greenbaum's 'Spirit In The Sky' featuring David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) and the legendary harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite.
Watch this space for tasters of this forthcoming future classic!

Published 13th Jan 2005, 5:01pm »

Iarla O'Lionaird Finishes New Album

Iarla O'Lionaird, best known as lead vocalist of the Afro Celts, is currently in New York working with producer/mixer Kevin Killen (well know to Peter Gabriel fans for his work mixing 'So' ). After many years of study and work Iarla's new album 'Invisible Fields' will delight fans of traditional sean-nos, rock and experimental ambient sound everywhere. With touches of etheral beauty (reminiscent of Sigur Ros) and earthy rock guitar, the album even features an extraordinary arrangement for a medieaval viol ensemble by revered English composer Gavin Bryars.
The album is due out in early summer 2005 but we will be posting some intriguing musical tasters before then.

Published 13th Jan 2005, 4:52pm »

Blind Boys and Ben Harper Together

The collaborative album of Ben Harper and the Blind Boys 'There Will Be A Light' has taken critics and audiences by storm. The success is reflected in the recent Grammy nominations. The extraordinary chemistry between the legendary old timers and Ben can been seen on a video on Ben Harper's website with unique studio footage of them recording together.
'There Will Be a Light' can be bought at

Published 12th Jan 2005, 4:59pm »

The Blind Boys to be Live on Grammy Telecast

Following their 3 successful Grammy wins, the Blind Boys will now be performing live with Ben Harper on the 2005 telecast! Catch this amazing collaboration on 13 February accross America (and at various other broadcast times internationally).

Published 12th Jan 2005, 3:28pm »

Hues of the Blues - Globally

Two key Real World releases are listed in the Chicago Sun Times' list of Top Ten Blues albums for 2004: Little Axe "Champagne and Grits" and Charlie Musselwhite's "Sanctuary":

Little Axe, "Champagne & Grits" (Real World): Think mixing blues with hip-hop would make you as sick as, say, champagne and grits? Well, Chris Thomas King proved it can be done successfully, and Grandmaster Flash alum Skip McDonald and his musical partners perfect the recipe here.

Charlie Musselwhite, "Sanctuary" (Real World): Even a boring Midwestern interstate feels like Highway 61 outside of Clarksdale, Miss., when you slip this harmonica great's finest album onto the car player. The indefatigable spirit of the American people is the one constant theme here.

In the same article:

Finally, blues artist of the year honors go to Charlie Musselwhite, for the towering achievement that was "Sanctuary" as well as career achievement.

Published 5th Jan 2005, 4:12pm »

Little Axe album in Rolling Stone Top Ten Albums list for 2004

The Little Axe album, "Champagne And Grits" was named as one of Rolling Stone's Top Ten albums of 2004. Voted by critic, Chris Rubin, Little Axe joined artists such as Franz Ferdinand, PJ Harvey, Green Day, Joseph Arthur and David Byrne.

Published 5th Jan 2005, 2:03pm »

Charlie Musselwhite Nominated for Three WC Handy Awards

Fresh from the success of its sold out 2004 event, The Blues Foundation announces its nominees for the 2005 W.C. Handy Awards to be held May 5, 2005 at the Cook Convention Center. Charlie has been nominated in the catagories of Contemporary Blues Album of the Year for his Real World CD 'Sanctuary', Contemporarty Blues-Male Artist of the Year and Instrumentalist-Harmonica of the Year.
Performers, industry representatives and fans from around the globe arrive in Memphis, where W.C. Handy penned the first published Blues song, to celebrate the best in Blues recording and performance from the previous year. The W. C. Handy Blues Awards are universally recognized as the highest honor given to Blues artists.
The W.C. Handy Blues Awards are produced by The Blues Foundation, a non-profit organization established to "Preserve, Celebrate and Support" Blues history, Blues excellence and Blues education. The Foundation consists of a worldwide network of 140 affiliated Blues societies and has individual memberships spanning the globe

Published 21st Dec 2004, 5:21pm »

Second Daudé Promo Available For Download

Daudé has just sent us this brand new promo video for the song Muito Quente (Really Hot) taken from her album Neguinha Te Amo. She says that Muito Quente describes how black brothers and sisters in Brazil can feel about themselves, with positive imagery that's also full of humour this bright vibrant video will shake off the winter blues!

Published 16th Dec 2004, 10:50am »

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