A Lantern and a Bell by Loney dear out today

The new album by Swedish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen (a.k.a. Loney dear) is out today. Titled A Lantern and a Bell, it is his eighth album, and is a marked contrast from previous releases: a collection of stripped-back, piano-led songs where the voice and the lyrics come first.

“It has taken me a while to dare to surrender.” says Emil. “My previous albums have been ‘collage records’, made in the belief that perfectionism exists. Here I wanted to go in exactly the opposite direction and simplify.

The nine compositions are seemingly simple and accessible with Svanängen’s unmistakable falsetto front and centre in the mix and his plaintive piano playing complimented by beautifully-subtle and imaginative electronic soundscapes. It’s an album layered in emotion and meaning.

It’s not really about ships and water, of course,” says producer Emanuel Lundgren. “Emanuel always talks about this being a break-up album,” concurs Emil, “but it’s an album that got postponed so it’s no longer a break-up album, it’s a renewal album.”

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A Lantern and a Bell will be available on CD, Vinyl and digitally.

Reviews for A Lantern and a Bell:

“Trifles… the perfect song for newcomers to discover Loney Dear’s magic”
Sunday Times Culture

“The simple romanticism of A Lantern And A Bell’s minor-key piano chords showcase Svanangen’s enviable melodic gifts.”

“Simple arrangements – just his warm falsetto and piano, with water sounds and seabirds passing overhead – foster a reflective, bonfire-on-the-beach spirit.”

“A Lantern And A Bell is a marvellous album. Nine songs, beautifully constructed, expertly performed and written from the heart, with the messages delivered by the voice of an angel.”
Louder Than War

“It develops and grows with each listen; [to] gradually seep through the skin and saturate the heart.”
Secret Meeting

Featured release

  • A Lantern and a Bell

    Loney dear

    Released 26 March 2021

    Sea birds, distorted noise, and then the line “Mighty ships hung over ground” — the marine theme not only begins but makes its mark throughout the entirety of A Lantern and a Bell. The soundscape, with Emil Svanängen's unmistakable falsetto at the very front of the mix, is extremely stripped down. A compliant piano, a discreet double bass, occasional chords, and diffused water sounds, at dark low frequencies, pulsating from unknown depths.

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Main image: Loney dear. Photo credit: Per Kristiansen.

Published on Fri, 26 March 21

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