Announcing Palabras Urgentes: the new album by Susana Baca

It is with great pleasure that Real World Records announces the release of the new album by Susana Baca, Palabras Urgentes, on 8th Ocotber 2021.

An icon of Afro-Peruvian music, Baca is now in the 50th year of her musical career and celebrates the milestone with a forceful musical statement. Recorded as a form of protest and to spark debate, each of the ten songs on Palabras Urgentes is an individual chapter of an all-encompassing narrative, taking the listener on a journey: a unique musical reflection on the traditions of Peru.

Immersed in her country’s political landscape Baca has come to understand and value the importance of being the heir to singers that once sung for liberty, social equality and for the end of racism. It is the combination of the urgency of the lyrics and the beauty of the music that makes Palabras Urgentes so compelling.

The album is given added life by the presence and support of GRAMMY award winning Michael League (Snarky Puppy, Bokanté, David Crosby) as producer. League has challenged Baca and the musicians’ approach to making music and brought a new perspective to creating the album, helping create a universal and contemporary sound.

The lead single from the album titled ‘La Herida Oscura’, released today, is an homage to Micaela Bastidas, the guerrilla leader and one of the most courageous women of Peru’s independence. This year marks the 200th anniversary of Peru’s independence and ‘La Herida Oscura’ pays tribute to Bastidas as a central figure in its accomplishment. Susana’s great friend Chabuca Granda, was inspired by the leader and wrote this song in tribute to Micaela, entrusting it to Susana to sing.

“I sing ‘La Herida Oscura’ almost as if it were a secret,” says Susana Baca, “with the same intensity and love towards our history, I sing this song and will continue to sing it… every bit of rhythm can be found here, no words are missing.” 

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"Age casts a different light upon the world and this album seeks to express freely and honestly those things that I love most intensely. At the age of 76 it is time to stop thinking of always having to please others and deliver an album truly from the heart. These ten songs seem to be mostly premonitions of the difficult times we are now living through. They weave music from my deepest roots with urgent words, of hope and condemnation, to seek out a mature and cherished truth. With my own spirit and the hearts and talent of all those who have contributed, we offer this album as a renewal of our traditional music. I hope those listening to this album feel both a love for life and a love for living truthfully." Susana Baca

Palabras Urgentes is out on 8th October 2021 on CD, Vinyl and all digital platforms and is available to pre-order now via the Real World Store.

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  • Palabras Urgentes

    Susana Baca

    Released 08 October 2021

    In the 50th year of her musical career Susana Baca has no intention of surrendering her creativity to the will of others and Palabras Urgentes is not just another album in her discography. It is more than that. It is a musical creation, a collection of songs, intended to take on today’s difficult times.

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Main image: Susana Baca. Photo credit: Javier Falcon.

Published on Fri, 30 July 21

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