Daby Touré releases ‘Bilady’, announces expanded edition his album Stereo Spirit

Mauritanian singer-songwriter Daby Touré will revisit his second album for Real World, Stereo Spirit, by releasing a special expanded edition on digital platforms next Friday, 4th December.

The Expanded Edition of the album will feature three new songs which were recorded during the Stereo Spirit sessions but never released. The first of these, ‘Bilady’, is now available to download and stream.

Bilady talks about my country,” says Daby. “It’s a song about Mauritania, Senegal, Mali and all these places — but especially Mauritania. It’s written in Arabic, Hassanya — the language of Mauritania.  In the song, I say ‘Come to Mauritania, come to discover this country and see this land of people and land of humanity’. A song about where I was born, raised and when I was young. I’m trying to describe a small street, the desert, the sand, the empty space, life…


Alongside ‘Bilady’, the expanded edition of Stereo Spirit will feature additional songs ‘Kyaso’ and ‘Wolumala’, as well as Daby’s cover of the Bjork classic ‘All is Full of Love’.

Born in Mauritania and raised in Senegal, Daby Touré’s father and uncles formed the pioneering Afropop band Toure Kunda, thuough Daby has always followed his own musical path, with influences ranging from African folk melodies and desert blues, to jazz, pop, reggae, funk and soul.

Whether he appears solo or with his full four-piece band, Daby Touré never fails to astound audiences with his ethereal voice, masterful guitar work and catchy original songs. He illuminates the darkest of concert halls with his joyful performances and infectious love of music. Stereo Spirit, originally released in 2007, is Daby’s sophomore album, and was recorded at Real World Studios.

Download/Stream ‘Bilady’

Stereo Spirit (Expanded Edition) will be available on all digital platforms on Friday 4th December.

  • Stereo Spirit

    Daby Touré

    Released 19 March 2007

    Stereo Spirit is both a message to the world, to those who are sleeping and who need to wake up, as well as an attempt to offer some kind of musical solace in troubled times. With his rich voice soaring through the songs, sometimes accompanied only by the punctuated tapping of his fingers on the fret board, it is easy to see that this is a work of serious personal expression.

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Main image: Daby Touré. Photo credit: Laurent Chardon.

Published on Fri, 27 November 20

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