Emerging dance artist Richie Blacker samples Sheila Chandra in new single ‘Beautifully Weird’

Rising EDM star Richie Blacker's new single 'Beautifully Weird', which is out today, features a vocal sample of Sheila Chandra's 1992 song 'Nana/The Dreaming. It was premiered on Danny Howard's BBC Radio 1 show last weekend.

Richie Blacker is a DJ and producer forged in the Irish underground club and rave scene has ushered in the most exciting new sound in years. Creating something modern yet giving a reminiscent nod to the 90s rave scene. A collision of house, techno and rave records from the early 90’s melded together to create an elusive, original sound of his own.

Speaking about the track Richie said, “I feel blessed to collaborate with Sheila Chandra and use such an iconic vocal from the 90s rave era that is also one of my all time favourite tracks.

Richie Blacker - Beautifully Weird (feat. Sheila Chandra)

Featured release

  • Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices

    Sheila Chandra

    Released 10 May 1992

    On her Real World debut Sheila Chandra explores the musical territories of her spiritual ancestors, drawing upon South Indian, Celtic, Spanish and Muslim influences. This album concentrates on the purity and emotional intensity of Chandra’s extraordinary voice.

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Main image: Sheila Chandra, 1992. Photo credit: Jo Swann.

Published on Fri, 11 December 20

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