Latest Real World X signing Badd Lime release debut single with Malian rapper Ami Yèrèwolo

French production duo Badd Lime have announced their first single ‘Niafiyé’ in collaboration with star of the Malian rap scene, Ami Yèrèwolo. It is taken from their forthcoming debut EP Nouveau Né, which will be released on Real World X, a new imprint of Real World Records.

Real World X will explore different ways of collaborating and partnering with music creators and innovators across genres, and will be a vehicle for the label to react nimbly to exciting new musical discoveries. Badd Lime is an exciting new musical conversation between electronic music innovators and emerging stars of the West African hip-hop scene.

Badd Lime comprises Benjamin Dupuis and Antoine Delavaud, two creatives from the French music scene whose combined experience taps into many genres and production influences. Dupuis has worked with French music agency RUN Productions for many years, touring Europe as an engineer and road manager for the likes of Staff Benda Bilili, Totó la Momposina and Bamba Wassoulou Groove. Delavaud built his musical foundation in the classical discipline as a young child, expanding to work in the fields of pop, funk and electronic music over the years.

Benjamin Dupuis and Antoine Delavaud, a.k.a. Badd Lime. Photo credit: Stéphane Poupin.

Badd Lime was born during the height of the 2020 pandemic, when Dupuis found himself with an empty schedule and an overwhelming urge to get creative. He ventured into his home studio and found comfort re-discovering his love for reggae, bass and drill music, and before long he had sculpted a package of fresh new electronic grooves, and reached out to Delavaud for his trusted musical opinion.

After additional musical contributions by Bamba Wassoulou Groove guitarist Bainy Diabaté, the pair speculatively reached out to Ami Yèrèwolo, and were delighted to get instant feedback.

Within a couple of days, Ami had taken our tracks to a studio and laid down her ideas. Without any direction, we really had no idea what she was planning to do, but the energy she brought to Niafiyé exceeded all expectations,” says Dupuis.

Badd Lime - Niafiyé (feat. Ami Yèrèwolo) [Official Video]

Ami Yèrèwolo is the first Malian female hip hop artist to make a name for herself in the male-dominated scene. She has walked a lone path towards musical success, shaking off the disapproval of her family and community to build a solo career and establish her own festival of contemporary hip-hop music in Mali.

She has used her growing popularity to encourage and mentor young women hoping to make their own waves in the world of music. Having risen to become one of the most important rap artists in West Africa, she takes her place alongside the exciting new generation of female African artists impacting the global music scene such as Muthoni Drummer Queen, Pongo, Yemi Alade and Tiwa Savage.

‘Niafiyé’ takes its name from a phrase in Yéréwolo’s native Bambara language, “Nè y’a fi yè”, which means ‘I told you’. She warns that life is hard, so people should pay attention to their treatment of others, because it will come back to haunt them one day.


On ‘Niafiyé’, I address those who criticise others in society,” says Ami. “In the lyrics, I am calling out the people who betray and tarnish the names of other people to get ahead.”

Alongside Ami Yèrèwolo on the forthcoming EP Nouveau Né, Badd Lime assembles exciting new talent from the Malian and Senegalese hip hop scenes, Reenfly, Kal B and Laye Lodia along with veteran Malian singer Ya Ka Madou.

Badd Lime’s debut single, ‘Niafiyé’ (featuring Ami Yèrèwolo) is out on 05 November 2021. Their debut EP Nouveau Né will be released on all digital platforms in early 2022.

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Photo credit: Moussa Doumbia "Shambar".

Published on Fri, 05 November 21

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