Society of Sound: Hannah Peel

Society of Sound: The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

Will Gregory is a composer, producer, keyboardist and woodwind player. He studied music at York Univ...

Society of Sound: Universal Togetherness Band

Between 1979 and 1982, Universal Togetherness Band tracked unearthly portions of their sprawling son...

Society of Sound: Ethan Johns

British producer Ethan Johns began his career under the tutelage of his father, producer Glyn Johns. Since the 90’s, Johns has worked as a producer, engineer, mixer, and occasionally touring musician for a number of artists including Ray LaMontagne (three records), Kings of Leon (three records),...

Society of Sound: Radiophonic Workshop

Whether it was bespoke alien soundscapes or delicate electronic choral work, the BBC Radiophonic Wor...

Society of Sound 78: Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon possesses a rare talent, her voice is the purest you're likely to hear almost anywhere.

Great Musical Pioneer ‘Mandolin’ U Srinivas Dies

Society of Sound: Edwyn Collins

The tracks performed at Little Big Beat studio on 12th November 2013 reflect what Edwyn Collins does...

A Guy Called Gerald ‘Silent Sound Spread Spectrum’

An iconic name in dance music, A Guy Called Gerald stands out for consistent innovation, excellence and refusal to compromise.

Society of Sound – Cara Dillon live in Belfast

A live concert recording by Irish folk singer Cara Dillon is this month's Society of Sound release.

Martyn Bennett: 17 February 1971 – 30 January 2005

It is with enormous sadness that we announce the death of Martyn Bennett after a long struggle again...