‘Panter’ by Montparnasse Musique released on new imprint, Real World X

Panter, the debut single by electronic duo Montparnasse Musique, is announced as the first release on a new imprint of Real World Records. The imprint, named Real World X, will explore different ways of collaborating and partnering with music creators and innovators across genres, and will be a vehicle for the label to react nimbly to exciting new musical discoveries — beginning with cross-continental act Montparnasse Musique.

Real World x Montparnasse Musique

Montparnasse Musique, who have partnered with Real World for a series of singles and an EP, are a production duo comprising Algerian-French producer Nadjib Ben Bella and rising star of the South African dance circuit, DJ Aero Manyelo

On their debut single, they have collaborated with Kinshasa-based collective Kasai Allstars to create an audacious dance track combining the acoustic grit of traditional Africa with the pulse of modern Johannesburg — gqom, kwaito, techno, afrohouse. The result is an inevitable evolution of Congotronics into a sharp-edged, club-ready sound. 

The single is accompanied by a video shot by renowned filmmaker Renaud Barret (Benda Bilili!, Système K) which exhibits the fierce, independent spirit of Kinshasa’s urban youths or ‘Les Shégués’ as they roam the Congolese capital — their playground — embodying the same wild energy and spontaneity that lies at the heart of Montparnasse Musique. 

The official video for 'Panter', filmed in Kinshasa by Renaud Barret and edited by The Bow.

‘Panter’ features the powerful voice of Kasai Allstars’ Muambuyi (from the Congolese rainforest region), whose lyrics call upon a tribal leader to reveal his mystic powers in front of his followers. The track was recorded and mixed by Kwezydoctor at Khaima Studio in Lille, France.

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Montparnasse Musique: Aero Manyelo and Nadjib Ben Bella. Photo credit: Serge Deleu.

More about Montparnasse Musique

Nadjib Ben Bella is a DJ and producer who draws influences from the gnawa music of his North African roots and a diverse range of Sub-Saharan sounds from musicians he has worked with over the years. Most recently he has been touring Europe with West African band Les Amazones d’Afrique.

Aero Manyelo, a name now synonymous with the burgeoning South African house scene, has honed a distinctive electronic sound that translates across the international club circuit and has attracted a broad range of collaborators — including Idris Elba and The Mahotella Queens on the opening track of an album inspired by the Nelson Mandela biopic Long Walk to Freedom.

The debut EP by Montparnasse Musique will be available on limited edition neon orange vinyl from January 2022. Pre-order now via the Real World Store and Bandcamp.

Montparnasse Musique’s debut single, ‘Panter’ (featuring Kasai Allstars) is out now on all digital platforms. Their self-titled EP, which also features Konono Nº1 and Mbongwana Star, will be released on all digital platforms and limited edition neon orange coloured vinyl this summer. It is available to pre-order exclusively through the Real World Store.

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Main Image: one of the young stars of the official video for Panter. Photo credit: Renaud Barret.

Published on Tue, 23 March 21

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