Society of Sound: Low Island

Low Island are a band a lifetime in the making. Carlos Posada (vocals, guitar, keys), Jacob Lively (bass) and Felix Higginbottom (drums, percussion) met at primary school, meeting Jamie Jay (vocals, guitar, keys) in their early teens. They have been bouncing from rehearsal room to rehearsal room with each other for as long as they can remember. Low Island, the most potent incarnation of their musical brotherhood, formed just over a year ago. Practice makes perfect, and the Oxford quartet have concocted a magical sound that is all their own.

The band’s songs gracefully morph from exhilarating electronica to glacial, minimalist soundscapes; experimental, claustrophobic rock to expansive grooves.

In less than a year, they have already released 12 tracks over two EPs and standalone single releases and this month’s Society of Sound album gives you a chance to experience a selection of these songs in one place.

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By Online Editor

Published on Fri, 20 April 18

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