Susana Baca nominated for a Latin Grammy

Susana Baca’s latest album Palabras Urgentes, originally released by Real World Records in October 2021, has been nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best Folk Album category.

The awards take place in Las Vegas on 17 November 2022. No stranger to the awards Baca is a three-time Latin Grammy winner, her most recent being 2020s A Capella album.

Immersed in her country’s political landscape Susana Baca has come to understand and value the importance of being the heir to the singers that once sung for liberty, social equality and for the end of racism and Palabras Urgentes is a collection of 10 songs that attempts to bottle the heritage and tradition of those that once fought for a better world. Recorded in Cañete, a small town located 150 kilometres from Peru’s capital, the songs are given added life by the presence and support of Michael League (Snarky Puppy, Bokanté, David Crosby) whose production brings a universal and contemporary sound to the album.

Now in the 50th year of her musical career Susana Baca makes a powerful musical statement with Palabras Urgentes — a collection of songs, intended to take on today’s difficult times.

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  • Palabras Urgentes

    Susana Baca

    Released 08 October 2021

    In the 50th year of her musical career Susana Baca has no intention of surrendering her creativity to the will of others and Palabras Urgentes is not just another album in her discography. It is more than that. It is a musical creation, a collection of songs, intended to take on today’s difficult times.

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Main image: Susana Baca. Photo credit: Javier Falcon.

Published on Wed, 21 September 22

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