Totó la Momposina launches fundraising appeal for Colombian musicians affected by COVID19

Totó la Momposina has launched a fundraising campaign to support members of her band who are facing great financial difficulty due to the COVID19 crisis. She is appealing to fans of her music to donate, if they can, to a GoFundMe appeal which can be shared among the musicians to go towards their living costs and supporting their families during this difficult time.

Real World Records has also made a live recording of the song ‘Aronde’ available for digital download to those who choose to support the fundraising campaign via Bandcamp. Recorded at WOMAD Charlton Park on 24 July 2015, the live recording captures the incredible energy of Totó’s live band.

If you wish to support Totó’s cause, you can donate by purchasing ‘Aronde’ on her Bandcamp page. Whilst the track is priced at £5, you can choose your own amount to pay, as a way to donate to the cause. All proceeds will go directly towards supporting the Colombian musicians. Alternatively, you can contribute directly to Totó’s GoFundMe page here.

Donate + download ‘Aronde’ on Bandcamp


A message from Totó:

After more than 60 years performing the ancestral music of my country Colombia, I never imagined I would be living a reality like this caused by the coronavirus, which has affected the entire world and even reminds me of the times of war in Colombia when I was a child.

Just before entering the quarantine period I was taking a break to recharge my batteries and resume our work, which is what most inspires me and gives me happiness. We were getting ready to leave for Chile to perform some concerts that of course were cancelled.

We are all independent workers, totally dependent on the income from concerts, which are organized between six months and a year in advance.

The panorama is very uncertain, so I am appealing to the good hearts of all our fans and asking for your help to collect some funds in order to support the members of my group, who have been without work for more than five months — in Colombia there is no support for us artists.

These funds will be divided among them. In this way they will have something to support their families, pay electricity, rent, etc and relieve a little of the stress that has been generated in this period of uncertainty. Hopefully soon we can be with you again, to work once more in what know best, the music.

If you are able please help by donating what you can. Also, please share it with anyone you think may be will be able to help.

With all my heart I thank you. The people united will never be defeated.

With love,


Featured release

  • Tambolero

    Totó la Momposina

    Released 25 June 2015

    You don't normally get the chance to go back in time and reimagine a classic album like La Candela Viva but creating Tambolero has been a challenge and a delight. It’s become a celebration of Totó's career: six decades dedicated to preserving, researching and developing an ancestral tradition, the identity of a people, passed down through the generations. 

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Main image: Totó la Momposina at St. George's, Bristol in July 2018. Photo credit: York Tillyer.

Published on Sun, 28 June 20

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