Various Artists, 2000

Beautiful, sensual songs by nine extraordinary women singers including Sheila Chandra, Susana Baca, Susheela Raman and Yungchen Lhamo. Produced in collaboration with Cacharel.

"...this compilation is a work of rare beauty..."
Music Week


  • ...gently impassioned music... '...what it is, is that rare treat of being able to listen to a whole compilation album of serene and gently impassioned music without any nasty, jarring surprises thrown in. The CD takes you ona smooth, satisfing journey through many fields of musical styles and cultures, providing an invitation to explore the many talents showcased on the album.' (UK)
  • It's the perfect album to play while... ...staring wistfully out the window at a pastel sunset.
  • ...there is a wide diversity of music... ...and vocal styles on show here and all of them dazzle.
  • ...exquisite music... some of the genre's top female singers (although most of them will be largely unheard of to British audiences)...If you've been avoiding 'world music' because you don't know where to start, then let me thoroughly recommend this album to you. There's music from countries like Mali, Tibet, Greece and India, but it is all given a sumptuous production. You'll soon be hooked.'
  • ...this is a very worthy album... ...with beautiful voices and memorable songs...Perhaps what makes this collection so cohesive is that there are no harsh edges to any of the music. These women are all lionesses, but they never roar. The emphasis is on wit, strength and kindness-the inherent gifts of women everywhere.' Rhythm (USA)
  • Twelve precious wonderful offerings... ...of great joy from the vaults of Real World. Travel the planet and hear the beautiful sounds that some of the most gifted women musicians alive can create. A beautiful fusion of world music styles with modern arrangements in the best traditions of the Real World label. Gentle, uplifting, graceful and beautiful. Sacred Hoop (UK)
  • Real World have brought together nine of the world's outstanding vocalists for this compilation... ...tie-in with Parfums Cacharel. With tracks from the outstanding Susana Baca, Classical Brit winner Izzy and Estrella Morente, this compilation is a work of rare beauty and should benefit from the TV tie-in. Music Week (UK)