Out Of Stillness

Gopal Shankar Misra, 2000

The liquid and expressive sound of the vichitra veena lends itself wonderfully to Indian classical music's general aim of making an instrument emulate the human voice. Dr Gopal Shankar Misra (1957-1999) was recognised as a leading exponent of this ancient and rare instrument. This album is a unique and beautiful testament to his lifetime of work.


  • ...The Misra family genius, and their exquisite, lyrical sounds, live on in this all-instrumental, traditional album. Delicacy and profound sensitivity characterize the performances... Napra Review (USA)
  • 'One of the most fascinating Hindustani albums released internationally this past year...a beautifully wrought recording...' Jazz Times (USA)
  • '...the session presents Indian classical music at its most serene and seductive.' Boston Pheonix (USA)
  • Dr Gopal was born into a musical family... ...and by the age of 22 was recognised as a modern master. In 1999 he chose to record in Real World's West Country Studios and this, the resulting album, is sublime, meditative music - listen to how opening track Darbari Kanhra Part 1 builds and coils patterns of sound. Gopal died not long after completing the album: Out of Stillness captures his eloquent claim. Hmv Choice (UK)
  • ...it is a straightforward classical performance, well recorded and bathed in a glowing ambience, probably something to do with the veena's plentiful supply of secondary sympathetic strings. Much of Gopal's playing is a timeless floating adorned by occasional sparkling harmonics. Most of the disc is an hour long exploration of the midnight raga Darbari Kanhra. Tablas enter halfway through, and things accelerate gradually,though it has to be said that the veena is maybe less suited to rapid tempo. It's métier seems to be to send us all deliciously to sleep - an honourable job after all! The Wire (UK)