Guo Brothers, 1990

The Guo Brothers come from a culture which does not differentiate, between folk and classical music, and their repertoire ranges from ancient Chinese tunes to modern, popular compositions. It is rooted, however, in daily human experience, and captures the landscape with exquisite musical imagery. It takes the listener on a journey from the vast plains of Mongolia to the most remote mountain villages, and evokes intense moods of peace and solitude, of romance and sadness.

Music has always been a vital part of The Guo Brothers' lives and they trained from a young age under conditions of hardship and poverty in Peking. Having mastered many instruments, Yue now specializes in Chinese flutes, while Yi plays the ancient sheng, a hand-held, mouth-blown organ.
Yuan is produced by Pól Brennan. The Irish musician, songwriter, and former member of Clannad, first heard a tape of The Guo Brothers whilst working at Real World Studios. The unique collaboration which followed expresses the close musical affinities rather than the great geographical and cultural distances between their two countries.


  • ..an extremely pleasurable album. The Times (1990) (UK)
  • ...smashing, first-rate acoustic music, full of emotion, charm, wit, sadness, happiness, drive and atmosphere. Folk Roots (1990) (UK)