Table Songs of Georgia

Tsinandali Choir, 1993

Table songs are the musical expression of the Georgian cult of wine, and the Tsinandali Choir are famous for their stirring and powerful renditions of this music.

Different occasions and events bring Georgians together around their large wooden tables to drink, eat and sing - a birth, a death, a marriage or a holiday. Singing is as natural a part of everyday life as breathing!

The Tsinandali Choir is carrying on this ancient tradition in the deep, sonorous polyphonic style of Georgian music. An album recorded in Tbilisi and licensed from Melodia.


  • ...a choral music as exciting as anyone could want... ...with sky-filling harmonies as earth shattering as those overextended Bulgarians and a lustiness reminiscent of Sufic qawwali praise songs...listening to these powerful a cappella pieces puts a rosy glow in my wan cheeks.' The Beat (UK)
  • '...robust singing full of vibrato, polyphonic harmony and drone notes sustained for seemingly impossible lengths.' The Washington Post (USA)