The Gloaming, 2016

The Gloaming's latest album 2 is now available on CD and LP.

The Gloaming - Martin Hayes, Dennis Cahill, Iarla Ó Lionáird, Caoimhin Ó Raghallaigh and Thomas Bartlett - have had a hugely successful year of touring in 2015, performing at some of the most prestigious venues in the world and much of the material that will make up the band's second album has been honed and refined throughout this year of touring.

With their live reputation well-established, artistic expectations for future recordings are riding high. Their debut was widely acclaimed as one of the finest recordings of 2014, featuring on many year-end best lists including Mojo, NPR Music, and the Irish Times; was picked by The Guardian as The One Album You Should Hear This Week; won a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award; and the Meteor Choice Music Prize for Album of the Year.

But, in many ways, it was merely a stylistic consolidation of what this band is capable of. While Ireland is a small nation, the diversity in styles between traditional music players from different counties and parishes a few dozen miles apart is a thing of no small wonder. The band's self-titled debut fused & transformed these regional traditions, in the process re-defining what Irish music could be. But having pushed the music this far, one suspects their second album will take them deeper into uncharted territory.


  • Free, unforced and deeply moving in every sense. It's a sound which now sounds free, unforced and deeply moving in every sense... It's a case of five musicians just going for it and realising that this is really all it's about. Going for it, going for it again and again, going for it because it's the most natural thing to do and it's far too late to stop now. Going for it: the purest feeing in the world. Read the full review here. IrishTimes.com (Ireland)
  • The Pilgrim's Song - 100 Favorite Songs Of 2016 (So Far) Irish singer Iarla Ó Lionáird possesses one of the world's most beautiful voices - and it's framed to perfection on this song from the all-star quintet The Gloaming. Wistful, tender and completely transporting. NPR Music
  • '2' features fifth in Irish Times 20 best albums of 2016 so far Powerful, rich and deeply textured new adventures in traditional music from the famous five. A second album which leaps and jumps further out into the wilds. The Irish Times
  • 'a pivotal influence in the history of Irish culture' Listeners mesmerised by the Gloaming's debut need fear no drop-off in quality with this second opus. The same profound connection to the riches of Ireland's music is again swathed in a mist of drama, mystery and fresh harmonisations. Although traditional material predominates over original compositions, many tunes are so thoroughly reimagined it is as though the very essence of each has been bared, and it lives anew. I don't think we need wait for history to acclaim Iarla O Lionaird (voice), Caoimhin O Raghallaigh (hardanger d'amore), Dennis Cahill (guitar), Martin Hayes (fiddle) and Thomas Bartlett (piano) as a pivotal influence in the history of Irish culture. Read the full review here. ★★★★★ Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
  • The Gloaming's second album is a tour de force of this unique and fascinating combination. A synthesis of traditional Irish music and post-rock, The Gloaming's second album is a tour de force of this unique and fascinating combination. This is an act that truly wants to share the sound of their homeland with the world, while keeping a modern approach to performing. Read more Paste (USA)
  • A beautifully relaxing album. Lie back, close your eyes and let the music wash over you. Read more Brightyoungfolk.com
  • The Irish context provided by fiddle players... Martin Hayes and Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh and sean-nós singer Iarla Ó Lionaird acquires its all-important subversion courtesy of New York pianist Thomas Bartlett, who gives a doomy, sinister, thrilling subtext to the joyous musicality of an album of dark beauty and unnerving enchantment. ★★★★ MOJO (UK)
  • Magical reworking of an ancient style of music. At the heart of The Gloaming is a deep understanding of traditional Gaelic music - but the five members are willing to push the reels, love poems and historical tales towards experimental, jazz and contemporary classical boundaries. ★★★★ NZ Listener (New Zealand)
  • Thank heavens for The Gloaming... They're a properly great band - one whose artful remodelling of trad will stand the test of time. Read the Article "The State of Irish Music" Irish Independent (Ireland )
  • It's a delight. (Les tourbillons croisés des violons, les basses plongeantes du piano évoquant des cathédrales englouties et la voix vibrante de Iarla Ó Lionáird planant par-delà les tumultes nous hantent de nouveau, et c'est un ravissement.) en savoir plus

    Les In Rocks (France)

  • ...once again, pushing the sonic boundaries of Irish traditional music. It's difficult to think of any Irish musicians who so splendidly conjure a cinematic vision of the Emerald Isle with their music. Acoustic Magazine (UK)
  • The Gloaming go from good to great. ★★★★ The Irish Post (Ireland)
  • The Gloaming proves to be the most exciting / most important band of the moment. (Met hun tweede album, het absoluut briljante The Gloaming 2, bewijst The Gloaming de meest spannende/belangrijkste band van dit moment te zijn.) Lees verder Written In Music Online (The Netherlands)
  • They deserve to be celebrated and cherished. In the centenary year of 1916, The Gloaming are continuing their stunning musical revolution. They deserve to be celebrated and cherished. Read more The Irish Independent (Live from National Concert Hall, Dublin) (Ireland)
  • They astonished with the space, dexterity, lightness and sureness of their group interplay. Read more ★★★★★ The Arts Desk (UK)
  • They justify trad supergroup tag... A great repertoire helps make this the coolest supergroup since the Million Dollar Quartet. Read more Independent (Ireland)
  • Read more ★★★★★ The Australian (Australia)
  • John Kelly meets Iarla Ó Lionaird, who has established himself as one of the foremost exponents of sean nós in the country. Watch online RTE (Ireland)
  • An exquisite album from a virtuoso band. Read more ★★★★ The Guardian (UK)
  • The Gloaming makes music of such an extraordinary level that deserves deep respect. The music of The Gloaming is from such extraordinary level that it deserves deep respect. To hear these fabulous musicians jump into the musical deep and come out of it with something as brilliant as this is a rare treat. It is not only music from another dimension but also music to treasure in these dark days of the year. Music to dissapear in and to never get enough off.

    (The Gloaming maakt muziek van een zo'n buitengewoon niveau dat diep respect verdient. Zulke fabelachtige muzikanten in het muzikale diepe te zien springen en er met zoiets briljants uitkomen levert muziek op van een volledig andere dimensie. Muziek om je in deze donkere tijden eindeloos in te laten verdwijnen en nooit genoeg van te krijgen.) Lees verder ★★★★★ Written In Music (The Netherlands)

  • ★★★★ The Evening Standard (UK)
  • Album of the Week ...a richly textured thing of beauty. Read more ★★★★★ Irish Times (Ireland)
  • ★★★★ The Financial Times (UK)
  • At times reflective, haunting, peaceful happy... ...this album runs the full gambit of emotions. You don't want it to end. It doesn't have to. Just one more listen. Read more Fatea Online (UK)
  • In 2, The Gloaming meet and exceed the expectations ... ...encouraged by their debut. It's another enthralling, captivating interpretation of Irish tradition. For some reason it's all rather emotional - that emotion tends to be joy, frequently mixed with wonder. Read more Folk Radio Online (UK)
  • Jim Carroll in the studio with The Gloaming: "We're in double-album territory here"

    A busy year for The Gloaming led to most of their second album being written on the road - Jim Carroll joins the band in Real World Studios to hear the songs taking shape... Read more The Irish Times (UK)

  • The Gloaming are a gang on a mission... If you thought this traditional music powerhouse had shot their proverbial load with their eponymous 2014 debut, think again. The Gloaming are a gang on a mission... Hot Press (Ireland)
  • Onwards and upwards with the infamous five. If The Gloaming's debut album was a startling introduction to the power of five master musicians at work, the second album amplifies and augments the magic between the notes. Every track a winner especially "Casadh an tSúgáin", "The Old Favourite" and opening track "The Pilgrim's Song" Read more The Irish Times - On The Record (Ireland)
  • Fáinleog (Wanderer) - A song of the week in today's Irish Times Culture Fáinleog (Wanderer) is typical of the sprawling cross-genre magic that these players can conjure. Over seven minutes, the track moves from a spacious lilting fiddle and piano expression to incorporate Ó Lionáird's sean-nós style to a beatific climax. Read more Irish Times Culture (Ireland)