La Candela Viva

Totó La Momposina y sus Tambores, 1993


  • ...she's a majestic, powerful and versatile singer...with sturdy Spanish-influenced ballads and dance songs. The Guardian (UK)
  • '...the exciting bass-driven sound of Columbia's superstar...combines explosive vocals with brass and bass.' Diva (UK)
  • 'She's a vivacious musical matriarch, a local legend...with Toto's instinct for explosive vocal lines, which are rhythmically driven, this is a fine, unplugged set.' Vox (UK)
  • Stunning big-time debut... Literally, tub-thumpingly brilliant. Time Out (UK)
  • Toto has a rich, robust voice... ...that places her comfortably in the company of the Latin mega-stars, Celia Cruz and Celina Gonzalez... Blue Juice (1993) (UK)
  • Toto is an impressive singer with a flare for the’ll be drawn into her world by the strength of a great voice. November 1993 Rock ‘n’ Reel (UK)