A House and a Fire (Other Version)

Loney dear

Released 29 October 2021

  1. A House and a Fire (Other Version)

Liner notes

An important song on ‘A Lantern and a Bell’, ‘A House and a Fire’ was one of the first collaborations between Svanängen and producer Emanuel Lundgren and their work together on this particular song was instrumental in formulating the overall sound and direction of the album.

This ‘Other Version’ is actually a proto-version of the song that pre-dates the piano-led sound that defines the finished record. It has a lighter, more pop approach, but still retains Svanängen’s own inimitable, off-kilter styling, “it’s a pretty upbeat and happy song,” he stresses, “but we thought ‘it doesn’t belong on the album like this’, so Emanuel said ‘let’s not use that song that could be a hit, let’s use this version instead!’ I was so impressed with him being so stubborn about that, but he was right, it was important for the album to find another way to approach it, but we always liked this version and I’m happy to see it released.

In fact, exploring alternate ways to realise the material from the album holds a fascination for Svanängen, I love playing my songs in different ways on different days. I love highlighting the fact that this is a decent song which can actually be played in all these different ways and it’s still a nice song. I think just releasing alternative versions is probably the way of the future. I mean, I love the tradition of albums and songs, I think it’s fantastic, but I can totally see the fact that it’s not going to be forever.”

  • A Lantern and a Bell

    Loney dear

    Released 26 March 2021

    Sea birds, distorted noise, and then the line “Mighty ships hung over ground” — the marine theme not only begins but makes its mark throughout the entirety of A Lantern and a Bell. The soundscape, with Emil Svanängen's unmistakable falsetto at the very front of the mix, is extremely stripped down. A compliant piano, a discreet double bass, occasional chords, and diffused water sounds, at dark low frequencies, pulsating from unknown depths.

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