Fast Forward

Are We Superheroes?

Released 16 September 2022

  1. Fast Forward
  2. Fast Forward (Duncan Forbes Remix)

Liner notes

Are We Superheroes? released their debut single ‘Fast Forward’ on Real World X on 16 September 2022.

Combining disparate musical histories that encompass work in the soundsystem collective Spiral Tribe, Drum Club, Brassy, DJing, music supervision and production duties with Drang, Are We Superheroes? is the new collaborative project of Lol Hammond, Stefan Gordon and Karen Frost.

‘Fast Forward’ draws on the band’s wide-ranging musical influences and references, with acid house and techno sounds meeting new wave bass and drums layered with a glacial vocal. Lyrically, the song’s themes are of desire and alienation in an unforgiving environment, what Sylvia Plath called the ‘vast power of cold, snow, stars and blackness… against a small violent spark of will’.

A mutant drum and bass remix of Fast Forward is also available, courtesy of electronic music pioneer and DJ, Duncan Forbes (Spooky).

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