Gifted: Women of the World

Various Artists

Released 08 October 2000

  1. Song To The Siren - Sheila Chandra
  2. Cardo O Ceniza - Susana Baca
  3. Mamavatu -Susheela Raman
  4. The Bodies And The Knives - Eleftheria Arvanitaki
  5. Baro - Assitan Mama Keita
  6. Mani - Yungchen Lhamo
  7. Ever So Lonely / Eyes / Ocean (Remix) - Sheila Chandra
  8. Sappho - Eleftheria Arvanitaki
  9. Las Muchachas - Susana Baca
  10. Incantation - Yungchen Lhamo
  11. Los Pastores - Estrella Morente
  12. Sri Jagadamba - Shruti Sadolikar

Various Artists

Liner notes

This album brings together nine extraordinary women singers from around the globe to celebrate and explore the themes of woman’s experience – from the contemporary day-to-day to that of the all-powerful goddess. From different cultures, in different languages and with their own individual spirituality and sensuality, these singers have each created a unique and beautiful statement.
From a meeting of minds between Real World Records and Noa, the gifted fragrance from Cacharel, ‘Gifted’ by Women of the World was born.


  • Real World have brought together nine of the world's outstanding vocalists for this compilation tie-in with Parfums Cacharel. With tracks from the outstanding Susana Baca, Classical Brit winner Izzy and Estrella Morente, this compilation is a work of rare beauty and should benefit from the TV tie-in. Music Week (UK)
  • Twelve precious wonderful offerings of great joy from the vaults of Real World. Travel the planet and hear the beautiful sounds that some of the most gifted women musicians alive can create. A beautiful fusion of world music styles with modern arrangements in the best traditions of the Real World label. Gentle, uplifting, graceful and beautiful. Sacred Hoop (UK)
  • This is a very worthy album with beautiful voices and memorable songs...Perhaps what makes this collection so cohesive is that there are no harsh edges to any of the music. These women are all lionesses, but they never roar. The emphasis is on wit, strength and kindness-the inherent gifts of women everywhere. Rhythm (USA)


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  • Moonsung (A Real World Retrospective)

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