Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila

Released 02 March 1992

  1. Dodoma
  2. One World
  3. I Want To Go Home
  4. Inchi Vetu (Our Country)
  5. What Can I Say? (Niseme Nini)
  6. No Money, No Life
  7. Living Together (Tupendane)
  8. Mrema
  9. Kidogo Kidogo (Little By Little)

Liner notes

Remmy Ongala and the band in sparkling form at the 1991 Real World Recording Week. A soulful and uplifting set, nurtured and given space by producer Rupert Hine. Intricate four-part guitar patterns interlock with bubbling bass lines, while the rhythm shifts seamlessly from a gentle lope to a galloping rhumba.

Remmy’s aim is to make people dance, but also to make them think. The voice of the Tanzanian always has something politically astute or deeply philosophical to say. His concerns are rooted in both the daily life of Dar es Salaam and politics on a global scale. By introducing English lyrics he widens his potential audience yet further.



The musicians: Ramazini Mtoro Ongala aka Remmy lead and backing vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, Cosmas Thobias Chidumule lead and backing vocals, Batti Osenga Ipopolipo guitar and backing vocals, Ayas Ayas Hassani rhythm guitar, Shemboza Shekungu-Mkiva rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Mussa Hamisi Magomba bass guitar , Yusuph Iddi subwa drum.

Recorded and mixed at Real World Studios, Wiltshire, England, August 1991. Produced by Rupert Hine. Recorded by Stuart Bruce, Richard Blair and Chris Lawson. Assisted by Carlton Blake. Mixed by Stephen W. Tayler, assisted by Richard Chappell.

With special thanks to Toni Ongala, Ruth Trevenna, Richard West.

Design and Art Direction by Kasper de Graaf at Assorted Images, with Panni Charrington, Series identity by Garry Mouat. Photography (front cover) Pete Williams (back cover) Panni Charrington(inside) Andrew Catlin.

One World (live at Real World Studios)

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